HF Series

A complete range of transformers and inductors for SMPS applications is available to your specifications:

  • Drive Transformers

  • Control Transformers

  • Flyback Transformers

  • High Current Inductors

  • Current Transformers

  • Common Mode Chokes

  • Output Chokes

Formats used include:

  • ETD

  • EF/ EE

  • U core

  • RM

  • Toroid

We employ a wide variation in winding construction:

  • Multi-strand copper

  • Foil

  • Litz

  • Heavy Duty Copper

  • Triple insulated wire

  • Margin tapes

We can help with:

  • Cost-effective alternative materials

  • Requirements for safety standards (e.g. EN 60065, EN 60950)

  • Design Assistance

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