Power Transformers for 12V Halogen Lighting (LVL)

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High quality open style toroidal transformers with a single 230V a.c. 50/60Hz primary winding. Single 11.8V secondary winding, suitable for 12V halogen lamps

  • Primary incorporates an auto-reset thermal switch, rated at 120'C +/-5'C

  • Output voltage 11.8V +/- 1.5% (at nominal input and full load)

  • Small size and low weight compared with traditional stacked lamination types.

  • Extremely low level of radiated magnetic field

  • Very low induced noise (hum)

  • Very low iron loss.

  • Double insulated primary leads.

  • Supplied with mounting kit.

  • 100% electrical and flash tested

  • High quality manufacturing and testing in accordance to EN61558, EN60742, EN60950, EN60065, VDE0551, VDE0550 and BS415

  • Tested and Approved by KEMA to EN61558. Click here for more info

  • UL Recognised to UL506, under family approval file E215495



Important Installation Note
Each transformer is supplied with a dished washer and protection pads for single hole fixing. Ensure that the pads are fitted above and below the transformer winding and that the dished washer is on top of the upper pad. Do not overtighten the fixing bolt (not supplied) as this could damage the winding.

Under no circumstances should both ends of the fixing bolt contact a metal chassis or frame as this would create a 'shorted turn' causing irreparable damage.

Rated VA Part Number Regulation
% Typical
Temperature Rise [K] Dimensions*
Diameter [mm]
Height [mm] Weight [Kg]
50 91931-P1S1 15 46 80 33 0.65
105 91932-P1S1 11 49 93 46 1.05
150 91933-P1S1 8.5 48 105 42 1.35
200 91934-P1S1 7.6 51 105 50 1.75
  • * Allow extra 4mm for mounting kit, allow extra 5mm where leads emerge

  • Leads: PVC insulated 150mm long.

  • Secondary voltage tolerance 1% at nominal input.

  • UL recognised for Insulation Class A (105'C)

  • Maximum ambient operating temperature +40'C

  • Neoprene pads: 5kV isolation

  • Meets all requirements of Class E (120'C)


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